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In 2021, the Latvian Officers’ Association (Latviešu virsnieku apvienība) will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, while in 2022 the National Soldiers’ Fellowship (Nacionālo karavīru biedrība) will also be celebrating its centenary. These are the two oldest organisations in Latvia associated with the national military and defence systems. Both are active and play their part in preserving Latvian history and in the patriotic upbringing of the younger generations. In the mid-nineties, Tālavs Jundzis, the minister of defence at that time, proposed the first Latvian officers’ conference which took place in 1998. In many ways that was significant for new officers in the Latvian army – an exchange of experiences and new ways of thinking. During the conference, the decision was taken to organize such gatherings every five years. The second conference took place in 2003. And with that, everything ceased!

Those first two conferences included officers attending from Australia, Germany, UK, and the USA. They were people from the first generation of migrants (refugees), born during the period 1935 – 1950. Their connection with Latvia was very close. Following the centenary celebration of the Latvian State and its structure, it should now be possible to organise the third worldwide Latvian officers’ conference. This could take place during July – August in 2022. Participants could come from, what is now, the second and even third generation of people with Latvian connections. My view is that such a conference would be beneficial for the officer delegates themselves, for the Latvian state and for their home countries.

At this time the main requirement is to gather information about the current situation, and whether there are serving and retired officers who would be ready to travel to Latvia to take part in activities. A concrete programme would be produced, to include personal interactions, visits to military divisions, and certainly cultural activities. And here I am again ready to confirm – this would be mutually beneficial.

Gaidis Andrejs Zeibots

Vice-Admiral (ret’d.)

If you are interested in such a conference, please let us know on info@daugavasvanagi.co.uk and we will ensure you are kept advised of any developments.

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